12 Super Stylish FREE Crochet Jewelry Patterns to Accentuate your Wardrobe

Looking for a new, fun project to bring your crochet skills to the next level? We’ve compiled a list of cute, stylish jewelry patterns that are just as fun to make as they are to wear! Check out these 12 free crochet jewelry patterns you’ll love:

1. Tiny Flowers Bracelet or Necklace

These tiny flowers are just so cute! Who couldn’t resist this free crochet jewelry pattern that doubles as both necklace and bracelet? It’s simple, understated, and so delicately charming. You should definitely make yourself a matching set! 

Orange and yellow crochet necklace shaped like sunflowers on a double strand of chains

2. Rose Garden Crochet Necklace

Like the tiny flowers necklace above, this pattern caters to the flower lover in all of us. This time roses take center stage, but the overall effect is still as delicate and even more elegant than before. 

Crochet necklace in pink roses and green leaves

3. Crochet Pineapple Pendant Earrings

These pineapples! How cute! They are perfect for anyone’s summer vibes (and possible cocktails next to a pool on vacation). You can add them to earrings, necklaces, or even as charms for your cell phone or a bracelet.

Pineapple crochet earrings

This simple FREE pattern from Shara Lamberth Designs creates a fun, chunky-style necklace. With this fun, modern look, you can determine the thickness of each chain and the overall length. The color possibilities here are endless! Want to do muted metallics? Or maybe try a fun rainbow motif. 

Chainlink crochet necklace in yellow

5. Crochet and Chain Mixed Media Bracelet

Combining metal and yarn, these mixed media crochet bracelets make for a fun, unique look to any piece of jewelry. The Beading Gem shows you how to start with a simple stitch and weave beads or even wire into your design. These are an excellent way for beginners to become more comfortable making jewelry while creating a cool wearable piece of art.  

Four funky crochet bracelets in blue, white and black. Bads are woven throughout.

6. Caribbean Wave Earrings

These scalloped crochet earrings could be the perfect accent for a summery outfit. They’re also a great way to spruce up a regular pair of hoop earrings. This pattern also has a video tutorial. 

Two sets of silver hoop earrings with a row of four crochet bumps at the bottom for a wave effect. Yarns are blue and pink

7. Crochet Bangles Bracelet

Want to make some cozy, cute bangles to wear when winter weather means traditional metal bangles just won’t cut it? Hustle and Hook have this adorable crochet pattern available for free! Wear them alone or make a few and stack them!

Eight crochet bangle bracelets in earthy colors

8. Rainbow Puff Earrings

These cheerful rainbow earrings are adorable – and easy to make with this pattern. These also make a great handmade gift to someone looking for a way to share their pride.

9. Crochet Mandala Earrings

From the same artist who designed the rainbow puff crochet earrings, these mini-Mandala earrings are just as cute! You can find free patterns for a rainbow version and a less complicated two-color version.

10. Waterfall Crotchet Necklace

We love the avant-garde look of this waterfall crochet necklace! It mimics the look of delicate metallic chains while offering a more organic overall feel. 

Draped crochet necklace with about 20 rows that drape increasingly further. The strands are tight at the collar and drape as low as the bust. Pearl beads adorn the left side.

11. Crochet Bead Necklace

This classy crochet look will take you through a casual afternoon with friends as much as an evening out. This crochet bead necklace pattern works best with cotton lace or pearl thread, and you will need some wooden beads to make this one.

12. Fall Leaves Crochet Earrings

This crochet earrings adds some warmth and festivity for the autumn season. The final product looks classy and modern.

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