6 More Crochet Jewelry Ideas You’ll Love!

While looks may not be the most important thing, our clothes, accessories, and jewelry are some of the first things people notice about us. Moreover, jewelry is more than just an accessory; it is used to help us express who we are and hint at our personality even before we talk. Crochet jewelry is a fun means to express our creativity and uniqueness. 

Around 20 crochet chains with yellow beads attached throughout are clamped together on either side with a bronze clasp to form a bracelet. A ball of yarn, crochet hooks and a dish of yellow beads sits in the background

Are you looking for some jewelry that will help you stand out? If so, then why buy when you can create one yourself? Crocheting is an artistic activity that will help you not only create beautiful, unique jewelry or clothes pieces but will also boost your health! 

Did you know that it is proven that crocheting can have calming effects and help people dealing with asthma, panic attacks, and anxiety? Knitting and crocheting can help decrease stress and anxiety, aid in mindful breathing, and makes you feel more productive; some people claim that it has helped them with their sleeping habits!

Crocheting further gives people a sense of community to bond and share patterns to express their creativity and show their art. 

To help you out, we have created a list of 6 crochet jewelry ideas you can try and make! Our recommendations are meant for everyone, including patterns and tutorials great for beginners or experts! 

Boho-Style Earrings that top even store-bought ones!

White crochet squares with a pink yarn fringe on the bottom form two boho crochet earrings.
Image from Crochet by You Blog

Look at these lovely earrings! Boho style and crochet is a match made in heaven, and these earrings just further prove it! Designed by Crochet for You and using only single crochet stitches, these simple earrings are great for beginners!

Cherry Blossom Crochet Jewelry Pattern for Earrings or Necklace

Five-sided star-shaped crochet flowers attached to metal chains and s-hook earrings.

Image by Steffi Glaves 

Spring has arrived early this year, and we are all for it! These micro crochet flowers are really to die for! Created by Steffi Glaves, who shares these patterns on her Etsy store, these are definitely worth every penny! She offers the micro-crochet Forget-me-not and cherry blossom jewelry patterns, a crochet flower-making tutorial, and a crochet PDF pattern digital download in her offer! Look how sweet they are!

Embroidered, Floral Necklace that will catch everyone’s eyes!

Pink and blue crochet flowers with crochet leaves have been adorned with embroidery floss and beads for an applique effect.
Image from Greedy for Colour

Another Etsy design will catch everyone’s attention and rule this spring/summer! For everyone looking forward to bringing vivid, vibrant colors into their outfits, this design by Kate from Greedy for Colour is perfect for you! It includes some new, exciting techniques, and the listing also contains a photo-rich, step-by-step pattern.

Crochet Petals Dangle Pendant Necklace

Delicate crochet flowers with many petals in peachy colors form a crochet necklace and bracelet.
Image by Hana Crochet & Design

Incredibly elegant and sophisticated, this pattern is definitely one of our favorites! If you are looking to enrich your jewelry piece with timeless design, then this pattern by Hana Crochet and Design is the one you’re looking for! This pattern purchase includes a video tutorial on crocheting and putting together the flowers and a PDF crochet pattern with diagrams.

FREE Heart Pattern for Crochet Necklace!

With St. Valentine just around the corner, what more can we ask for than some beautiful, heart-shaped jewelry? This crochet pattern by HappyBerry Crochet is ideal for beginners as it offers detailed instruction on this relatively simple design which can work for various pieces of jewelry – earrings, pendants, necklaces– the choice is entirely yours! And if you have some experience, you will make it in a few minutes! 

Also, did we mention that the instructions for this one are free? Yes!

White Flower with Petals Crochet Pattern

A white petal crochet flower with purple beads at the center
Image by Hana Crochet & Design

The white flower pattern by Hana Crochet and Design is another lovely design that we need to share with you just because it looks so pretty, polished, and sophisticated. The details of this design are simply incredible and can be used for both earrings and rings, or if you want, you can get a metal bracelet or metal chain and use it as a bracelet or necklace. Another Etsy listing includes a PDF pattern with images and a video tutorial!

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