12 Origami Animal Projects You Will Love!

Pink and yellow origami butterflies

Did you know that Origami – the traditional Japanese art of elaborately folding pieces of paper into a myriad of shapes – is one of the oldest art forms?  It’s true! Practiced for thousands of years, even before the paper was invented, using materials such as leather, this fantastic practice has not lost its popularity till … Read more

Origami Flower Kusudama

How to Make Origami Kusudama Paper Flowers Kusudama origami is a kind of origami which is made of several identically folded pieces that are glued together to make a spherical shape. This beautiful origami flower is very easy to make and can be used for decorations, making flower bouquets and much more. Let’s start the … Read more

Origami Fox Puppet

Step-by-step instructions for an origami fox puppet are included below! When you’re finished, use a black marker to draw eyes on the top of the mouth, and a nose at the end! We recommend using orange construction paper cut into a square shape for the best results! Download the Origami Fox PDF Origami Fox Instructions … Read more