Crochet Blanket Chunky Moss Stitch

This moss stitch crochet blanket pattern is beginner friendly and quick to make!

The Moss stitch

This stitch is very simple to make and gives a dense and bumpy texture to the fabric. All you need to know is how to make a single crochet stitch to make this beautiful crochet blanket.

How to make the moss stitch blanket


Final measurements
Horizontal length: 140cm (55″), Vertical length: 97cm (38″) 

In Pattern Stitch, 13 sc * 12 rows = 4*4 inches

Pattern notes:
This blanket is made using two strands of yarn at a time. Directions are included for both a solid and a striped version. When making the striped version, you will swap out one strand of yarn for a new color at each color change, in order to create the variegated effect.


  • Chain(s) = Ch  
  • Single crochet = sc
  • Stitch = st


Row 1: starting with two strands of black yarn, ch122. sc in 2nd ch from hook, *ch1, skip next ch, sc in the next st*, repeat * across the chains, turn.

Row 2: ch2, sc in the first ch-1 space, *ch1, sc in the next ch-1 space*, repeat * across the row, turn.

Row 3- 167: repeat previous row, changing colors every four rows as directed below.

Row 168: sc across the top of the blanket including each ch-1 space and single crochets, fasten off.

Striped version of crochet blanket

Pink, black and white striped, chunky moss stitch blanket

When making the striped version you will need to change color every 4 rows. To change color, work the last YO of the previous st in the new color as this loop will form the ‘lid’ of the next st.

Follow the above pattern, but change between colors every 4 rows.

Row 1-4: Two strands of Black color.

Row 5-8:  one Black strand, one Pink strand.

Row 9- 12: Two strands of Pink color.

Row 13-16:  one White strand, one Pink strand.

Row 17- 20: Two strands of White color.

Row 21-24:  one Black strand, one White strand.

  • Repeat the color changes in rows 1-24 until finished, 168 rows.

Customizing your crochet blanket

If you want to change the yarn or size, here is a guide to help you make your own, customized moss stitch blanket:

  1. Size: First, you will need to know what size of blanket you want to make. Is it crib size, Lapghan, or large throw? In this tutorial, we will make it with crib size. Check out this chart to see other standardized blanket dimensions.
  2.  Colors: Secondly, you need to settle on the colors you’ll use. Do you want it to be warm and cozy, or calm and fresh? Follow this tutorial to know how to make a funky, retro vibe with variegated colors.
  3.  Yarn: Lastly, you’ll need to decide on which yarn type to use and select the best type for your blanket. Acrylic yarn is the most popular fiber for crocheting blankets because it is durable, machine washable, and softens over time. You can also use cotton or wool yarn, but Acrylic is my favorite for blankets.

How to weave in ends

You have 3 ways to weave in ends:

  1. Weave through the stitches: run the tapestry needle through a couple of stitches on the wrong side of the blanket and change directions and run it vertically, then weave it in the opposite direction, weave up and down to lock the ends in.
  2. Whipstitch the stitches: whip stitch around the stitches on the wrong side of the work, change directions to secure the end as much as possible.
  3. Weave as you crochet: double up your yarn and take the loose end with you as you crochet.

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