Dollhouse Macrame Plant Hanger


  • 7 yards of 1mm Waxed Cord
  • One 3/8” – 1/2″ ring
  • Miniature flowerpot approximately 1” tall and wide
  • Macrame work board or a piece of cork board
  • T-Pins

Directions for Pink Macrame Plant Hanger

Cut six cords 42” long

Cut one cord 12” long (wrap cord)

  1. Fold the six 42” cords through the ring. Pull through so that all ends are even. Pin the ring to the workboard with all strings hanging straight down.
  2. Using the 12” piece, tie a wrap knot (WK) immediately under the ring. I wrapped approximately seven times.
Figure drawing of step 2
  1. Separate cords into three groups of four cords. Starting with one group of four, make a sennit of four square knots (SK) using two cords as the outside tying cords and two cords in the center. 
Example of right and left hand square knots
  1. Drop down approximately ½” and tie another sennit of four square knots. Repeat with each of the other two groups of four cords.
  1. Take the right two cords from one group and the left two cords of the group to the right, drop down ½” and tie and alternating square knot (ASK). Repeat with each of the other two groups of cords. You are making a basket to set the flowerpot in. 
Alternating square knots
  1. Repeat Step 5. 
  1. Directly under the last row of ASK use four cords as tie cords and eight cords as center cords, tie one large SK to secure the bottom. Or cut another 12” piece and make another WK to finish the bottom. 

Directions for Turquoise Macrame Plant Hanger

  1. Follow Steps 1 and 2 of Pink version
  2. Separate cords into three groups of four. Tie 12 SK in a row with each group of four.
  3. Follow Steps 5, 6 and 7 of pink version to finish. 

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