Origami Flower Kusudama

How to Make Origami Kusudama Paper Flowers

Kusudama origami is a kind of origami which is made of several identically folded pieces that are glued together to make a spherical shape. This beautiful origami flower is very easy to make and can be used for decorations, making flower bouquets and much more. Let’s start the tutorial.

Two finished kusudama origami flowers, one in pink, the other in lime green

Supplies Needed:

  • Paper 
  • Glue

Step One

To make kusudama origami flower you will need five separate sheets of 8cm x 8cm square paper. You can use origami paper, scrapbook paper, or any kind of paper. 

Five sheets of square pink paper

Step Two

Fold the paper diagonally to make a triangle. Make sure you crease it well.

A sheet of pink  paper has been folded into a triangle

Step Three

Now take each of the bottom corners and fold to the top corner as demonstrated below.

A sheet of pink  paper is being folded in diamond shape. A black arrow points to bottom edge

Step Four

Then fold the left and right corners down to meet the edge of the paper.

A sheet of pink  paper is being folded. A black arrow indicates which direction to fold

Step Five

Unfold the flap you created before and make a squash fold and squash that flat and then crease it.

A sheet of pink  paper is being folded
Left: The left edge of a pink paper is folded up
Right: The left edge is folded back down with new crease

Step Six

Fold down the top triangles of both sides. 

Pink paper is folded into trapezoid

Step Seven

Fold the left corner on itself so it meets the first side crease. Repeat with the right corner.

Pink paper being folded into a diamond shape
Pink paper is folded into a diamond with several folds at the left and right bottom edges

Step Eight

Now glue your flower petal together. Repeat until you have a total of five flower petals.

Left: Pink folded paperbeing glued in bottom right corner
Right: Resulting petal
Five origami flower petals in conical shape made from pink paper

Step Nine

Now take any kind of glue and apply a thin layer at the top edge of the petal.

Right: Glue is applied to side of a single folded petal
Left: Two pedals are held together to start the origami flower

Step Ten

Start assembling all the petals, line up the edges and press them together.

Right half: Three folded pink sheets form part of the flower
Left half: Two more pieces are added to complete the origami flower
Completed Kusudama origami flower

Your beautiful Kusudama origami flower is ready!

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