Origami Flower Rose

How to Make an Origami Rose Flower

In this tutorial, you will learn to make a rose origami flower. The process of making an origami rose is very simple. You just need a sheet of paper and a wooden chopstick or skewer to curl the petals. You can decorate your place with these roses or you can make plenty of them and use them to decorate a table at a birthday party or a wedding! So let’s get started.

Red rose origami flower

Supplies Needed

  • Paper 
  • Wooden Skewer (To curl the petals)

Directions for Rose Origami Flower

Step One

You will need a square sheet of paper of 4 inches.

Red sheet of paper

Step Two

Fold the paper in half, then open it and fold in half again from the other side.

Red sheet of paper folded in half twice

Step Three

Open it then turn the paper over.

Red sheet of paper unfolded

Step Four

Now fold your paper diagonally to form a triangle.

Red sheet of paper folded into triangle

Step Five

Open the paper and then fold it diagonally from the other side, then open it.

Red sheet of paper unfolded now with extra creases

Step Six

Take the paper and push from both sides to form a star like shape as showing below.

Red sheet of paper being bent into concave shape

Take two flaps to one side and two on the other side. It will from a triangle as showing below.

Red sheet of paper folded into two triangles

Step Seven

Now take one side of your triangle and fold it up to the top of the triangle. 

Red sheet of paper with corners of top layers of triangle bent to top

Repeat on both sides.

Red sheet of paper folded into a diamond

Step Eight

Then fold each point down to the bottom triangle.

Red sheet of paper with top layers of diamond folded to bottom

Now open up the small pocket you just have created, flatten it and form a square.

Woman using index finger to expand bottom left quadrant of origami flower
Red paper in the shape of a house
Red paper in the shape of a house from another angle

Repeat on both sides.

3D red paper house

Step Nine

Fold down the top of the triangle towards the bottom as demonstrated.

Red paper house with top folded toward center for origami flower

Step Ten

Open up the bottom of your paper and push your finger into each triangle then flatten them down.

An arrow shows wear to bend part of a piece of red paper to form an origami rose petal
Top view of origami rose in progress
Flattened top view of origami rose in progress
Another top view of origami flower

Step Eleven

Flip the square and place it in a position which is shown below. Lift the triangle and bring it into the center.

A red sheet of paper with many folds shows two inner triangles pulled toward the center

Step Twelve

Open up one side of the triangle which will open one of the squares. Fold it so it will form a triangle perpendicular to the first one and the square.

A woman is separating sections of a red paper flower to make it 3D

Repeat this on the opposite side as well.

A square red sheet of paper has been folded into a 3D shape with a pyramid  in the center

Step Thirteen

Now hold the paper in your hand and start twisting it from the center point.

A folded, red sheet of paper is twisted from the center to form a rose origami flower

Step Fourteen

Take a wooden skewer and start curling petals.

A wooden chopstick is used to curl the edges of an origami flower petal

And you are done! Your beautiful origami rose is ready!

A red origami rose rests on a woman's fingertips

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