Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Valentine’s Day is a great day for lovers to celebrate, for families to enjoy an outing and for kids to do exciting Valentine’s Day-themed activities like crafting, drawing, and decorating!

We have compiled a list of exciting ideas for Valentine’s Day crafts for kids that every child must try to celebrate this Valentine’s Day. From crafting beautiful cards to making lovely bouquets, kids can try these crafts at school or at home with their family

Paper hearts glued to clothespins, hung on twine to form a garland

DIY Valentine’s day décor crafting ideas

Adding Valentine’s Day cheer to their houses or walls is an excellent idea for kids to show their creativity. From the heart-shaped ragged wreath to mason jar décor, kids can make tons of of creative crafts from bottles, jars, paper, and foams sheets, to enjoy Valentine’s Day to the fullest.

1. Ragged Heart Wreath

This wreath requires buying a frame, but is so easy to make! It’s a fun, festive way for kids to show their crafts to the whole neighborhood! Thanks to Polkadot Chair for this lovely Ragged Heart Wreath tutorial!

A heart shaped wreath made from red and pink scraps of fabric tied onto a wire frame.

2. Heart Garland

You only need paper, scissors and string to create a heart garland! Kids will love decorating the walls with their handmade decorations. Mix things up with glitter, patterned papers, twine, or clothes pins to make some completely unique Valentine’s Day crafts!

Paper hearts made from striped and dotted red sheets of paper, hung with red ribbon from a red and white striped length of twine
Elongated hearts of various colors strung vertically on a string

Your paper hearts can also be strung vertically for a fun effect!

3. Mason Jar Decorations

Mason jar’s can be decorated with paper and glue, spray paint, or glitter for another around-the-house decoration. Add a votive candle for mood lighting, or fill them with Hershey’s to make a “jar of kisses!”

One of our favorite mason jar tutorials is this easy Valentine Glitter Votive from Mason Jar Crafts Love!

Two mason jars covered with white and pink glitter, except a heart shaped space in the middle, which is unglittered and reveals a lit votive inside.

DIY Valentine’s day gift ideas

Everybody is fond of receiving gifts, especially from friends and family. Valentine’s Day is a day of love, and kids can craft tons of gifts for people around them.

Some gift ideas include roses and flowers with homemade chocolates, baking a cake and decorating with pink frosting or candied hearts, and decorating jars with love quotes or candies inside. Here are a couple of our favorites Valentine crafts that make great gifts:

4. Valentine’s Day Cookies

Just break out your favorite sugar cookie recipe, some red dye and sprinkles, and you’re all ready to make festive, heart-shaped Valentine’s Day cookies!

Heart-shaped sugar cookies with pink and purple and white frosting, and heart-shaped sprinkles on top

5. DIY Valentine’s Day Card

Valentine’s Day cards are a great project for kids to add some love and creativity. Valentine’s Day represents a day of love, and you can help your kids spread the love by crafting cards they can give to friends and family. They can write fun quotes inside and use a wide array of materials like glitter, markers, and patterned sheets of paper.

Adolescent girl glues colored scraps of paper to a white sheet to form a rainbow.

Here are some of our favorite pun-filled Valentine’s Day quips:

  • Bee mine 🐝
  • Some bunny loves you 🐰
  • I love you like no otter 🦦
  • You are ink-redible 🦑
  • I love you so matcha 🍵
  • I like you a latte ☕️
  • You’re dino-mite 🦖

Our favorite YouTube channel for teaching kids to draw, Art for Kids Hub, has easy-to-follow tutorials for just about anything you can imagine!

6. DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts Flower Bouquet

Flowers have often been used to show love and affection towards your loved ones. Kids can show off their creativity on this lovely occasion by crafting a beautifully made embellishing paper flowers bouquet.

Origami daisy bouquet in pinks and blues
Origami daisy bouquet

Check out our Origami Tulip Tutorial for a bouquet-worthy flower!

7. DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts Bookmark 

Reading books is a hobby enjoyed by millions of people worldwide, and many use bookmarks to keep track of their place. Why not have creative, trendy bookmarks in your book? For that purpose, crafting a beautiful red Valentine’s Day-themed bookmark is a fun idea!

We love this origami heart corner bookmark by MsWellpappe:

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